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Frequently Asked Questions Using Our Patches
What is Amblyopia?

Making the Most of Patching

Patch time will be most effective if your child has a focused activity to do during the time they are patching. This is especially important if your child's doctor recommends a short patch time each day, such as one or two hours (some doctors prescribe longer amounts of time, such as all but one or two waking hours, especially at the beginning of treatment). Focused activities might include writing or drawing, puzzles, watching t.v., or playing video games. These activities can also take your child's attention away from wearing the patch or waiting for it to be time to remove it. As your child's sight in thier eye improves, they should be more tolerant of their patch time. 

Full Occlusion Patches

Eye Mateys patches occlude vision from all sides, including peripheral vision. Patches that only cover the lens of a child's glasses allow the child to peek around the patch, which is tempting to do if your strong eye is covered. We make our patches to fit your child's face snugly, so that no gaps occur above, below or to either side of the patch, limiting opportunities for peeking.